Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Leveling up with openHAB

The level sensor project has worked and is connected (USB) to a Raspberry Pi which will form the hub.

I need to work out how serial communicate with the Pi so as to be able to hand data traffic to the Pi.

I am using Android devices to get access to the www. This means that I cant get the Pi to access the intranet and apt-get simultaneously. The simplest way to solve this seems to be to use a USB Internet dongle plugged into the router.

The Raspberry Pi in the lighting / power control role is overkill for the job. It needs to be replaced by a ESP32 wirelessly controlled by the single Raspberry Pi.

It would probably be handy to have a monitor to hook directly to the Pi but I havent tried the full range of headless operation. I have a laptop which has a good screen but a knackered keyboard. It might work well to buy a driver board for it and set it up as a low profile monitor.

Display B156XTN02.0 - Ordered. Fleabay.

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