Sunday, May 31, 2020

Battery Storage System

24 volt x 260 Ah = 6.2 kWh

12 volt x 220 Ah = 2.6 kWh

The charge controller is the epsolar tracer 4210A.

Batteries in series - charge equalisation

Coil32 (Coil64) - freeware coil inductance calculating app.

Have installed :

4 x C 145 deep cycle wet cells. 6 volt 260 Ah. Specifications. Right Hand side. Only 2 shown.

6 x UXL220-2FR  Spec Sheet . 2 volt 220 Ah Left Hand side.

The YUASA set is configured as a second 12 volt system and is running the diesel heater.. it will be configured as a backup lighting supply.

These are a premium UPS battery with a design life of 15 years. They are AGM design and are no where designated as "deep cycle". They have a maximum charge rate of .1C . The batteries are available at 60 bucks for a 500 odd dollar list price battery apparently ex Telco, in the original packaging and with no witness marks on the terminals.

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