Thursday, August 15, 2019

Vale Mum

I was warned when I first took on ownership of a Mother™ that they were fraught with all sorts of issues. In constant need of maintenance, both of them and thier consequent infrastucture. In short there is so much to go wrong with them pity help the unfortunate owner of such an appliance.

Truth  be told I got relatively trouble free service from this unit for nigh on 60 years. Your mileage may vary however.

It all stopped happening for Mum  27 August 2019. I dont want to speculate on the medical side of things but am wanting some answers as to why or even if her drip was set up so as not to provide hydration. Non medical people in the grip of deep grief, beware of second guessing the professionals. That said nothing they could have done or not would make her any less dead now. Dieing will never be a pleasant experience - price you pay for the joy of living.

Love you so much Mum....

It was so much fun !!