Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Böltonwagen Specs

CVM 9.0 Tonne
Tare ??? Find a Weighbridge. 

CGM 14.0 Tonne
Model : N - 1630
Chassis CMA 86H 00138
Date 1 1984.
International Harvester AKA Nissan UD Acco.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Böltonwagen Tour - Feb

Going from the stationary cluttered building site to the more mobile, more comfortable and far more aesthetically uplifting. Plenty of construction and invention yet to be undertaken but this will be more in the nature of embellishment than survival. 


Every library has a shelf of books to be sold off for a cuppla bucks. Making up a collage is fun and the results quite pleasant. I find Aquadhere applied neat on the back. Sand the spikes of wood off the ply wall then dampen with a sponge. Stick the cutout in place then smear a  coat of Aquadhere over the outside surface and squeegee with a wet sponge to change out blobs and bubbles. Less glue will leave a friable paper that peels away from the wall. 


Thursday, February 21, 2019

Bed Stowage Mechanism

The rollers on the "bottom". These stop the bed from moving longitudinally during motion.

Washing Machine

I had an Apartment Washing Machine. A small upright that pulled about 300 watts. It was inadequate. Used too much water. Took up too much space. Despite sound engineering the electronics module was crap.

Am thinking of getting a plastic barrel with a large screw on lid and mounting 4 wheels / rollers in the floor  with a motor to turn it , like a Gemstone Tumbler. The clothes can be hung out sopping wet (saves wrinkling) or rung out.


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Engels Fridge Wiring

Both the thermal fuses blew - Wierd. Have worked flawlessly since.
Well cigar lighters are a crap connector anyways so push comes to heave. 


Good idea to have a switch for the water pump. 


R/C Simulators.

Just as whacking a tennis ball isn't supposed to be tennis - it is well worthwhile as a short interlude for relaxation and to help wire up one's reflexes for more articulate brain / hand coordination.

# 1 Multiflight - good graphics and pleasant to operate. Windows.

#2 PicaSim - Medium Graphics and has a variety of senarios. Windows.

#3 CRRCSim - crude graphics and GUI. Quite pleasant to use. Linux.

All of them require a bit of fiddling to setup. This is part of the familiarization process and becomes less frustrating every time.