Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Multimedia Project

I used to dabble in voicework / theatre / TV once upon a time and am thinking of resurrecting that capability.

I own a Rode NT - 1 and a Behringer  Eurorack 602 A. I have a half decent computer / soundcard with Ubuntu on it since I dont like using pirate software for things that may relate to my employment. LightWorks for Linux is in the alpha test phase now but there are other packages such as Openshot. Kazam work well for screen video capture.

I also own a JVC Everio gz-hm330saa camera. I should be able to produce reasonable quality work with that gear.

First thing I need to do is set up a recording studio. Last one I had the mic in a dinky back room to cut out computer fan noise. It was impossible to sync voice with video with out some serious buggerizing round with monitors. This time I will either duct the case with an outside extractor fan or more elegantly look to peltier devices or heat pipes. Maybe just get a Raspberry pi ?

I would like to do some documentary material on electrical geophysical instrumentation as my industry project for semester II at Curtin.