Thursday, April 30, 2020

New Computer

LG 32 inch Monitor 32MP58HQ-P Switching between HDMI ports will be fussy.

ASUS - PN60 Mini Computer  Manual.   ; This thing is blisteringly fast.

OS : Ubuntu

Raspberry Pi 3 OpenHab. 

Rebuilt OS. 

Raspberry Pi 3 OpenHab Spare. 

Needs  building.   Is it possible to incorporate headless torrent box ? 

Raspberry Pi 4 Media Centre / NAS :  Raspbian. Works plenty fast enough for a desktop.  Needs building. 

Fault ; Will scan to the Bluetooth speakers but "Connection failed - Use audio menu to connect to this device. 

Fix :  You have to right click on the speaker symbol in the top right corner that way you can choose the audio output device. Have to rediscover device.  

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Vietnamese Folk Music

When I was a young man I was involved in the reception of Vietnamese Refugees in Greylands Migrant Centre Perth. I later worked as First Mate / Diver on a Pearl Boat based in Exmouth and farming pearl shell in the Montebellos Islands. All the crew were recent arrived refugees. I was blown away by what great guys they were. My biggest problem was they were reticent to treat me as an equal. I out ranked them for sure, but I need to trust them to countermand me if I asked them to do something stupid by mistake. We soon worked out how things stood.

At night they listened to incredible female vocals which were initially strange to my ear. I grew to love those songs - the style of music at any rate. I never found out who the actual performers were.

I recently decided to research up on this subject.

Here are some names suggested by  Vietnamese Community in Australia: Victorian Chapter. 

Lòng mẹ -  This seems quite western.

Chiều Tây Đô Lam Phuong- This is more like it.

I would be interested in helping with Cultural Research in this field. 

I have qualls in Electronics and Geology.

Experience in Community Radio and TV doing Technical Production , Research and Voice overs.  

I am currently traveling around as a Grey Nomad in my converted truck. I will be setting up a voice recording studio.


CRATE (SLM Electronics.) BX - 160

Got lights and +/- 45 volts. Not connected to signal. Searched for schematic.