Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fly Repellent that Repels Flies

also Available as Desert Dwellers Insect Repellent.  The creme is made from Rosemary and Cedarwood essential oils in an olive oil base.

It is available at the Camping Stores in Kalgoorlie and shouldn’t be that hard to find in most places.

I was first told about this stuff by the “Snake Lady” a prospector in Kalgoorlie and , though I was sceptical , but bought a jar @ 20 bucks for 50 mls.

In the lake Ballard / Leonora the flies are pretty nasty – persistent in sheets that make it impossible to handle equipment safely and are a big risk from the hygiene / eye infection / fly ingestion / the whole catastrophe.  I tested it there and the stuff is impressive.  A light application will be effective for about 6 hours where the flies at worst , may just brush off your skin barely contacting you.  Mostly they hover about as if you were wearing an invisible fly hat.  Glancing down to see how your sleeves are crawling with them reminds how you would be suffering without the crème. Apparently it works for mozzies too.

This stuff is the goods !

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quamby Pub

-20.37122 140.28326

Is about 10 KMs South of the project I surveyed for Altona Mining. I was sitting there having a beer with the Senior Geologist when a bloke arrived in a jet ranger and landed it on the lawn. I was the only person who found this exceptional enough to go take a look.


A few days later we were following one of the other Geos - Henry - when of a sudden a huge flock of electric green budgies flashed out of the bush straight into his Landcruiser. Puffs of feathers everywhere as the poor little buggers collided - nothing anyone could have done. Bless him for being a big hearted bloke, poor old Henry was well cut up.