Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hasten Slowly

A company needed to hire a technician to get some urgent work done. The HR guy was strapped for time so he got the 4 most promising applicants into his office and told them " I will conduct a group interview where I will ask one question and who ever give the best answer can start right away".  The applicants agreed.

"What is the fastest thing you can think of? "

Straight away the first applicant said " A thought ! To start with you only have a problem then in an instant an idea appears out of nowhere providing the answer to your problem"

The HR guy says" Great answer and you are obviously a very creative person - just the sort of thing we are looking for."

The second bloke says "An eye blink. So fast you can barely see it's happened."

The HR guy says "Well your right and colloquially - The Blink of an Eye is an indicator of speed"

The third bloke says "Light - I was on the farm the other day where the shed in the bottom paddock was wired to the electrics in the house - I threw the switch and instantly the light in the shed shone out. Albert Einstien even proved that nothing can possibly go faster than light."

The HR guy says "Dead right! You obviously have a good grasp of Physics - just the sort of talent we need."

The fourth bloke says " Diarrhea."

The HR guys says " WHAT !!??"

 The bloke continues "Well I was a bit loose the other day - got caught short - bolted for the dunny - burst throught the door but before I could think, blink or turn on the light I'd already fuckin shit meself!"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Better is the enemy of good enough

or "Dont over egg the custard". 

Work out what is a sound and tidy level of workmanship and dont try to make things perfect. It inevitably winds up making the finished job worse as well as being scandalously time consuming. Same applies to gimmicky accessories that serve no practical purpose.

I was soundly counseled by a RAAF  test pilot and gifted natural on the topic of instrumentation to "get you out of inadvertent IFR".   "Even thinking about that could get you killed" He said "The best piece of IFR equipment for a sport pilot / plane combo is a tent !"