Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Affter freezing your arse off in a tin shed - Sweet Rain

 I set fire to a few grass trees yesterday, after sundown just to remind my self what it was like to  bathe in the infra red spectrum.   

Cold as it is , there were still smoldering wisps from the leafy peaty forest floor this afternoon - remaining flammable. 

In summer it is like being surrounded by  napalm satchels.  

This morning there was a convincing sheet of ice on the tin roofing ,  under my sleeping breath, it  rose and froze.  

As the sun cleared the tree line this morning, the inner sheet melted and  created plinking puddles in the morning (late morning)  floor board return to a world that wasn't staring into temperatureless  space. 

But now sweet rain ..   

Precipitation from out side the house where it's smackin on tin all night.