Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Penguins always lend a jolly tone to proceedings and this spot goes to emphasize this point.

The Penguins are nesting and they make a sound between a turkey and a very robust frog. Sounds like a call and response. A train comes along a few times a day and blows its horn as it rattles along the tracks. Not much more you can ask for really.

Fuel Starvation.

An intermittent fault finally needed reckoning with.

All rather dreary, but I found a workshop where they let you work with thier guy on tools as a T/A. Sort of thing you find out bush. Its good to know exactly what got done.

We went from the fuel filler to the injector block and steam cleaned, blew compressed air, replaced hoses and filters. ~touch wood~ no more fuel feed issues hence forth. Really good bloke I got to work with. Very Tasmanian. At "smoko" they all smoked. Outstanding workmanship from the welding and fab team. 

From Fuel Cap to injector block, all flushed and inspected. Apart from a slightly perished and kinked hose, no real "smoking gun" was found.

These guys had a really distinctive accent. Boss is on the right. Other chap was my colleague (offsider - actually he did most of it.) Very interesting CV - off shore Oil and Gas. Very Old SKool the pair of them.

Early indications are that the fault is fixed.