Thursday, March 8, 2018

Jan 2018 Snaps

The bed is an appalling structure, bolted to the wall @ 1metre. Inner spring mattress and conventional truss and slat design. Would like something more elegant in terms of padding and more ergonomic in terms of space. Either it folds up @90 against the back wall or gets lifted straight up to the ceiling. The space underneath is reclaimed as living space and the structure of the bed base becomes  ; speaker cabinet , VDU, electronic test equipment etc as appropriate to it's positioning. i.e. overhead or perpendicular against the back wall.


View from Bed. 

Sink and Roadside (Starboard) Door.

Top Unit of two stacked Engels in front of the wall separating off the shower compartment.

Aft Head level section of the workbench.

Turn your head 45 Degrees forward to get this view.

The R&D Pi on the bench - look down.

The R&D Pi Entire rig on the bench - look down and 45 degrees forward.

Standing in the Galley looking Aft. The large screen HDMI TV (Monitor) is bolted to the panel affixed behind the bread maker.

The view from the sink looking to the curbside (Port) .

A crisp skinned huwhite loaf freshly beeping and emerging.

The view from the Work bench, at head height, over the HDMI Monitor. You are seeing a Laptop (Lenovo) that is running the network. The Car "Radio" that drives the Audio system - mostly Bluetooth.  And a few Dinosaurs.

Same set from 45 degrees stepping toward to spine of the truck.

Ditto - close up.

Ditto - step back.

Composting Lavatory - Not optimal. Needs reengineering both Bioloical and Mechanical. Still acceptable performance. 

Power board and Pi openHAB module.

Forward Bathroom bulkhead looking Aft