Friday, November 2, 2018


I just got my ESP32s from Bangood.

Temperature Sensing I2C IC modules that accurately measure temperature.

2 x 12V 80W Auto Radiator fans to be installed as ceiling fans. Require speed controlled PWM outputs.

Ceiling lights.

Control of reversible motor to drive bed mechanism as well as opto flag to count the revolutions on the lifting winch spools.

Ref: ESP32 #59: ESP32 MOSFET Tutorial (as a Switch)

#214 New: Easier ESP32 installation in Arduino IDE (How to)

Disappointingly I couldn't get the USB port to open either in Ubuntu or Windows and on neither of the two ESP32s. 

 The USB to UART is made by Silabs and I tried using the drivers in Windows to see if I  could get the USB to the PC communicating.  I installed the drivers. No apparent change. I deleted the 210 chip series  USB drivers rebooted and unaccountably the Com ports began to work.  

Dodgy Connector.  Found one USB cable that worked where the others dont. Possibly the OB Micro USB cont quite to spec. Nasty.