Thursday, July 10, 2014

Coaster Bus

The old thermostat housing had corroded through and I snapped the bolt off attempting to remove it. I do have a spare serviceable housing. The clearance is 5 1/2 inches between the fan  and the snapped shank.
I removed the shroud giving me about a foot to work in. Drilled a hole in the existing bolt - it wound up  about 2 mm off centre. I bought an air drill and jst kept drilling into it until I had a hole big enough to tap 8mm. There is enough thread to hold the bolt.  RTV596 as well as a paper gasket will hold it. Minimum torque on the bolt. 

I also scored a reversing camera for the old bus.
The fix was good. Took the old girl for a spin round Malaga. Filled her up with fresh diesel - first in 8 years. All systems are go. Went up the hill brilliantly.

The linkages are not good up/down is OK . The gate slaps about however I shimmed the top end and it is much better.

Experiencing the first heavy rains -  God I LOVE thunderstorms - the roof leaks.

I have B/2B Engine Manual - PN: 98260