Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tennant Creek to Kalgoorlie - 4

I only made it to Curtin Springs Roadhouse the following day.  Another terrific place to unroll a swag.

That night there was a spot of rain. Mostly virga and lightning, hot and very beautiful.

The day after that I moseyed on over to Ayers Rock which does had an intriguing dark redness to it early in the morning.  I couldn't be stuffed driving all the way up to it. There were a bunch of coaches parked at it's base.

The Olgas, on the other hand, are utterly irresistible.  I had it in my mind to stop and have a stroll about, but wound up doing the entire walk. It is about 10 kms in total. What is great is that they close the track due to extreme heat and only a very few visitors ignore the closure and you find yourself experiencing the hike almost alone. It has an intoxicating presence about it. I will make it a mission to return there one day when the rains are falling. It is the sort of thing that would make a life defining experience. Maybe I will fly over in my RV 4 ?

That night I swagged out at Warakurna Roadhouse. Absolutely brilliant spot with tremendous amenities. I saw a television which seemed alien and on it was Hillary Clinton going for a Guinness Book attempt on the platitudinous non sequitur record being egged on by a bunch of pasty moonbat youngsters from some damned university.

That morning I stopped off at Warburton Roadhouse to gas up and found that they had a load of peacocks living there. This time round I did take a photo of the sign that says "no photos". I cant blame them for wanting the rubbernecks to stay away. It was the same at Docker River. The lifestyles of the aboriginals can look pretty alarming and make easy fodder for the grief tourist style of journalism.

Giles Weather Station was way cool.

That afternoon I got to Tjukayirla Roadhouse and swagged out there after a blissful swim in the pool. I finally got to photograph the Stop Dog which had mysteriously vanished on my last visit.

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