Friday, October 16, 2015

Bibbulman Track - Inglehope Arboretum

As a WA Wine Tour operator I wobbled on down the scarp to drop a party of hikers off at the track on Albany Highway 2 km NW of the Roadhouse. The pickup was at the Inglehope Arboretum Nature Trail near Pinjarra.

The turn off is 13 km Easy of Dwellingup on the Pinjarra Williams Rd.  It was planted as an experiment to determine suitability of various tree species for forest industry.

It was a professionally facilitated 50 km retreat / trek run by  

I felt very sympatico to the ethos behind this. Having been involved in tours with Outbacky 20 something adventure demographic I always thought it was a bit old hat. When I go bush I like to relax and soak in the energy rather than charge about the place like a mob of rubbernecks. I was also very impressed with the care and preparation the facilitator put in. 

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