Sunday, November 12, 2017

The most appalling dog in Hoi An.

This canine chiaroscuro may cast some light. 

This dog never jumped up to "greet on me" in a door way . 
When visiting In Western household ;

On the threshold of  The Round Eye house your first intimacy will be with all the dogs living in that house. Here is the courtesy required;

Of course all Round Eye when in thier own country delight in the ritual celebratory by of the Dog of the House exploring and glorying in the olfactory bliss that exists between the perineum (/pɛrɪˈniːəm/;[1] Late Latin, from Greek περίνεος perineos "space between the anus and scrotum" between the pubic symphysis (pubic arch) and the coccyx including the perineal /pɛrəˈniːəl/ body and surrounding structures of guests visiting the house at the threshold before making greeting exchange of gifts.

Lavish snorting, leaping and nuzzling accompanied by yelps of astonishment and delight are an indication that the meeting will proceed propitiously.

It is required of all guests to show respect to the threshold of the house by complimenting and holding forth with pleasant small talk acknowledging that the Dog is a fully anthropomorhised member of the household. 

The dog has free reign to respond as it sees fit.

Typical verbal intercourse:  

" Well he had never shown signs of scrotum ripping before. It must have been that he had had something done to him to STARTLE him".

Rules of Etiquitte; 

*English verbs must always be invoked in the passive voice here. 

 *Mention of any bite or scratch injuries at this juncture are an absolute taboo. Any emergency medical assistance must be summoned in a way that the host can credibly disavow its occurrence. 

* Allowing blood droplets to make themselves apparent on the threshold tiles must be whiped up by the guest and the Host will modestly affect a distraction. Even spurting exanguniation from severed femoral arteries needn't be an impediment to that all important first visit to the home of a Round Eye.

"Oh and welcome to my home. The parlor is this way." 

Congratulations ! You  have been accepted in this cultural interchange. . 

 But back to Vietnam.

Though I present this creature as "The most appalling dog in Hoi An this dog is far less appalling than any of his Australian counterparts.  It Leaps not, nor does it snap and bite. Perhaps not so appalling after all ...

Well I cannot help but that every dog in Vietnam "gets the drift" ... nip a flank ... yap insanely .. any such gamesome folderol ; straight back into the carbon cycle - lickety split, the wheel of existence? " Gid eere!" , in the blink of Buddha's eye.

By contrast the exalted;

 Phu Quoc Ridgeback Dog. 

In "Princess and the Pea"  paradigm these dogs will die if taken off Phu Quoc.

I read that the record price paid for a Phu Quoc Ridgeback is 10 thousand Quid UK. I also saw how florid and ubiquitous money laundering was in Saigon. You would not believe how ridiculous a Porsche looks crawling along in Saigon traffic.

All I can say is that the dogs in Vietnam are not pestery sniffery, in noteworthy contrast they are upwardly gazing enchanting little chaps  ..these little guys feel the sword of Damocles perhaps? ... Their behavior is immaculate.. pour encourager les autres – "In this country, it is wise to kill an admiral (or an annoying dog- amounts to the same thing )  from time to time to encourage the others." 

But no waste is made of their flesh..  

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