Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The familiar animals

The unicorn ("Ly" - or "Lan") is like a dog in it's loyalty, inherent friendly nature and it's care for our well being and like the lion when driven to the extreme of his anger.

The Wardung (Corvus coronoides) and the Chitty Chitty (Rhipidura leucophrys) manifest the same duality in Australian culture. The Wardung for his wisdom and the Chitty Chitty for his joy, diligence and courage.

Would that we could have the attributes of both!!?

Both the Wardung and the Chitty Chitty can impart wisdom and warn of danger.

The unquiet spirits of our ancestors can flare up and bring great mischief. We "wide eyed devils" seem to have forgotten this manifest fact.

But it is the Koolbardie (Cracticus tibicen) that confers the gift of communication. The Koolbardie confers the mixed blessing of consciousness. The Koolbardie will make humans vomit out the words they have no heart to say. 

UPDATE: I did a task this morning and the Chitty Chitty followed me closely. This will confer good fortune upon my endeavour. 

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