Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kalispell, Montana

We crossed into Montana and it looked just like it does in Forensic Files.  We stopped in a town called Kalispell.

We visited Northwest Shooter where a very personable chap named Nick, took us through the safety points and familiarisation with

the TAURUS 1911 .45 ACP PISTOL (IN BLUE STEEL) and a 9mm Beretta. 

Being from Australia where they have insanely restrictive / punitive laws against owning any sort of firearm. Dad and I have barely touched a long rifle let alone a pistol.  Nick took us down to the range.  The 1911 despite making an, at first, unsettling BLATT BLATT, sits nicely in the hand and could be re aimed in about 1 1/2 seconds. After 100 rounds both of us were comfortable and confident.
We surprised ourselves by being able to stay mostly on 9s and x's - albeit at 6 yards. We really took to Nick, very professional presentation and clear instructions. All round, a likeable and engaging bloke. 

What a great day !!

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