Monday, August 4, 2014

Vancouver Airport

It was a long slog from Perth to Vancouver via Sydney. I arrived about 5 hours early at Perth since the flight out was the "red eye" and had a 5 hour stop in Kingsford Smith. By the time I got to Vancouver for the short domestic flight to Cranbrook I was knackered having spent about 10 hours at the terminal and 19 on the plane/s.

This was where things came completely unglued.

The amount of time allowed to disembark, get through customs and onto the domestic flight is under an hour. A fully loaded 777 - Late. Baggage carousels that pop the occassional desultory bag onto the frequently conking conveyor. Two lots of Customs. A long winding path involving a cuppla lifts. You are never going to make the connecting flight even with a fair breeze.

I wasn't the only one bumped off the first flight and all the rest that day they were fully booked. ~fingers crossed~ fourth attempt. I have a seat on the one that arrives at 21:00.  Another 9 hours hanging about.  I did however go into Vancouver for a little frolic on the Train and a walk about the CBD.

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