Sunday, September 15, 2019

X - Y Scanning CRT clock

This project is very  cool bit I reckon it would be nicer as an Atari style X - Y rendered image.

A CRT is an inherently analogue device and the raster scan scheme was an inherently analogue technique based on two sawtooth waveform generators.

The 80s machine code methodology was very cool but required a certain special type of autism to author. I did a bit of PDPII machine code once. Rather than sperg right out I am wondering if simply deciding the X - Y fields into a single table and asining each of the characters in thier respective positions a set of consecutive coordinates corresponding to the vertices of the characters.

Back up the line what be required is to generate a sequence of ordered pairs.

Bandwidth might be an issue but that then becomes a hardware problem. The image programming could be done in a fairly human friendly workspace.

Two 10? Bit ADC for X Y and a Z drive hooked up to a standard electrostatic CRT would be the display. Big would be better but the downside is the higher drive voltages.

The number rose would be a static lookup table. The hands would be generated using a sin function who input is fed by a timer.

The whole project would be extremely cool but ultimately space and time consuming and would probably culminate in something rather over wrought and appallingly baroque and steam punk.

Likely the "fake and gayness" would out way the coolness because it would be plain how much work went into the stupid thing. Now if you could pick up a vintage Oscilloscope that would change the whole outlook. You would just need an Arduino and a cuppla ADCs . Plus you could use the Oscilloscope as and Oscilloscope. Now THAT would be cool!!

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